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    Apeks Black Ice BCD

    Apeks Black Ice BCD

    This is a one off price for this one ex display model Size XL/XXL The Apeks Black Ice is a rugged, weight-integrated, back inflation BC designed with the advanced diver in mind. It crosses over...

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    Now: £420.00
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  • Apeks Comfo-Bite Mouthpiece

    The Apeks Comfobite mouthpiece is the standard mouthpiece fitted to all Apeks primary second stages and features a bridge that joins the two bite tabs together. The purpose of the bridge is to shield...

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  • Apeks Hose Retainer

    The Apeks Hose Retainer is used to retain the long hose when diving in a long hose configuration, without the need for a canister light to hold your hose in place. The hose retainer fits any...

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  • Apeks RK3

    Apeks RK3

    Designed in collaboration with the US military and renowned for outstanding performance and reliability, the Apeks RK3 is a rugged thermoplastic rubber fin featuring an over-sized foot pocket to...

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  • Apeks RK3 HD

    Apeks RK3 HD

    The RK3 HD is the next fin in the RK3 range of fins. The RK3 HD is made from a higher density material than the standard RK3, which makes the fin stiffer and heavier. The RK3 HD was developed in...

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  • Apeks Wetnotes

    The Apeks Wetnotes are the perfect place to store your dive plans, make a note of your deco schedule or simply write your packing checklist. Small enough to fit in a pocket, waterproof and...

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  • Drysuit Exhaust Valve

    Drysuit Exhaust Valve

    Drysuit Exhaust/Dump Valve Take your pick Apeks Low Profile The most technically advanced and reliable automatic dump valve available on the market. Correctly adjusted, the valve gives effortless...

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  • Drysuit Inflation Valve

    Drysuit Inflation Valve

    Drysuit Inflation Valve Take your pick Apeks The Apeks inflation valve is robust and reliable, featuring an extra-large recessed push-button allowing for easy operation with cold hands or thick...

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