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Pandora Lab

  • Pandora IP Gauge

    The Pandora Lab’s Digital Interstage Pressure (IP) Gauge offers accuracy. Simply connect to low pressure inflator hose to check that the first stage pressure is correct. The clear illuminated LCD display is easy to read in any conditions. The...

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  • Pandora Spool

    The Pandora Lab Zero G Spool is a practically neutrally buoyant spool with glow in the dark line, perfect for sending up dSMBs or laying guidelines in dark overhead environments.  Light and tough the spool is machined from a polymer that won't...

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  • Pandora Tool

    Pandora Tool

    Pandora Multi Tool is a diver’s 'Swiss knife' designed to ease field maintenance of diving equipment, where and when it matters. It is as small as a credit-card but has all the functions of a multi-tool, with virtually every essential tool cut into...

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