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  • Fog City Anti Fog Lens

    FogCity fog resistant lenses offer a carefree dive with perfect sight.  The adhesive lenses stick inside the mask preventing fog build-up and allowing you a much clearer view throughout your dive. Lenses come in three types; one window, double lens...

    MSRP: £10.95
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  • Suunto D4f

    SPECIALISED FREEDIVE COMPUTERSuunto D4f is a light yet robust freedive computer, that makes underwater sports enjoyable. When diving, the D4f displays your present and maximum depth and calculates dive time and surface intervals for you, allowing you to...

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  • Suunto D4i

    A GREAT ALL-ROUNDERAn adventure should take you anywhere, any way you want to get there. That’s why Suunto D4i gives you great freedive features as well as the option of a wireless readout of your tank pressure and air time. Go with your own dive...

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  • Suunto D4i Novo

    Suunto D4i Novo

    THE GREAT ALL-ROUNDERThe redesigned Suunto D4i comes in a range of fresh colors and with an all-new soft, comfortable silicone strap for that perfect fit. Lightweight and packed with handy features like freedive mode and optional wireless air...

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  • Suunto D6i Novo

    Suunto D6i Novo

    SERIOUS DIVE FEATURES IN A RUGGED STEEL CASINGThe new refined Suunto D6i Novo is the watch-sized dive computer of choice for those who take their diving seriously. With a tilt-compensated 3D digital compass and wireless air integration, it’s a...

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  • Suunto D6i Novo Zulu

    Suunto D6i Novo Zulu

    SERIOUS DIVE FEATURES IN A RUGGED STEEL CASINGThe new, refined Suunto D6i Novo Zulu is a watch-sized dive computer for those who take their diving seriously. Including a tilt-compensated digital compass and wireless air integration, Suunto D6i is in...

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  • Suunto DX /DX Silver

    Suunto DX /DX Silver

    THE ULTIMATE WATCH-SIZED DIVE COMPUTERThe Suunto DX, built on the award-winning Suunto D9tx, is the ultimate tool for open circuit and rebreather divers. It’s the very first of its kind to feature CCR compatibility. The premium design and...

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  • Suunto Eon Core

    Suunto Eon Core

    OUTSTANDING READABILITY WITH FULL CUSTOMISATIONThe compact Suunto EON Core is a great dive companion whether you are just beginning diving or an active diver exploring new depths. The key details of your dive are easy to read from the clear color display...

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  • Suunto EON Steel

    Suunto EON Steel

    EXTREME DURABILITY WITH FULL CUSTOMISATIONThe robust Suunto EON Steel is designed for divers who demand the most of their dive computer. With the extremely durable construction, wide-angle BrightSee™ color screen and multiple gas support, this dive...

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  • Suunto Vyper Novo

    Suunto Vyper Novo

    DIVE TO THE NEXT LEVELWhen you’re ready to take diving to the next level, Suunto Vyper Novo is the perfect new dive buddy to take along. Super-solid and nitrox-capable, it’s packed with advanced features that open up new possibilities for...

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  • Suunto Zoop Novo

    Suunto Zoop Novo

    MAKE DIVING SIMPLEWhether you’re just starting out on your diving journey or looking to explore new underwater adventures, Suunto Zoop Novo has everything you need. With your easy to understand key dive data available at a glance on the big,...

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  • Suunto SK8 Compass

    Suunto SK8 Compass

    HIGH QUALITY LIQUID-FILLED DIVE COMPASSSK-8, the latest edition of Suunto’s leading dive compass, delivers even better underwater performance with faster stabilization and enhanced readability. Both northern and southern hemisphere models can be...

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