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  • Apeks Hose Retainer

    The Apeks Hose Retainer is used to retain the long hose when diving in a long hose configuration, without the need for a canister light to hold your hose in place. The hose retainer fits any standard 2" webbing and can be used with both single and...

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  • Apeks Wetnotes

    The Apeks Wetnotes are the perfect place to store your dive plans, make a note of your deco schedule or simply write your packing checklist. Small enough to fit in a pocket, waterproof and manufactured from super-tough ballistic nylon, the new Wetnotes...

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  • Beeswax

    Nothing beats natural beeswax for zip lubrication and this is the highest quality wax produced in the UK by UK a small UK manufacturer. Price is for 1 stick.

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  • DIRZone Cam Band

    DIRZone Cam Band

    Durable buckle, HDPE pad, protecting the bottle from scratching, strap made from non-elongation material. Stitched on a strip of antislip rubber.  Choice of Plastic or Stainless Steel buckle. Price is for a Pair.

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  • Divesoft Cylinder Silencer

    The silencer is intended for discharging air from diving tanks. Anyone who has had to discharge old, leftover breathing mix knows what a problem it is to keep the hiss of the released air to a reasonable level even during relatively slow discharge. The...

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  • Fog City Anti Fog Lens

    FogCity fog resistant lenses offer a carefree dive with perfect sight.  The adhesive lenses stick inside the mask preventing fog build-up and allowing you a much clearer view throughout your dive. Lenses come in three types; one window, double lens...

    MSRP: £10.95
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  • Halcyon Active Control Ballast

    Halcyon ACB (Active Control Ballast) integrated weight pockets are an ideal solution for divers seeking releasable weight for their Halcyon BC system.This patented Halcyon design is simple and effective; when complemented by our fixed and removable...

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  • Halcyon Special Edition Wet Notes

     Even the most casual diver will appreciate the advantages of the Halcyon diver’s notebook. This high quality design provides easy access to pencils, notes, tables, and accessories. Ballistic nylon cover with replaceable underwater paper...

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  • Halcyon Trim Weight Pockets

    Halcyon tank-mounted trim weight pockets are yet another novel Halcyon invention. This patented product supports optimal weight distribution, encouraging diving comfort and in-water stability. Up to 5 lb/2.27 kg of weight per pocket Built from...

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  • Velcro Strap

    Halcyon Velcro Mask Strap

    High quality 6.5mm neoprene with blue plush backing and no-fray Velcro attachement mask strap fits any standard mask attachement, and provides an extra degree of comfort and stability. The high quality vinyl Halcyon logo is welded onto the back of the...

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