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  • Amphibian Boot

    Fourth Element Amphibian Boots

    AMPHIBIAN BOOTSThe Amphibian diving boots are designed for a diver who wants the ultimate in support and protection. A stable footbed and hardwearing moulded outsole make this ideal for regular shore diving. The Amphibian’s hard wearing optimised...

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  • Fourth Element Pelagic Boots

    PELAGIC BOOTSThe Pelagic boot is a lightweight comfortable warm boot. The addition of the footbed provides a stable chassis and greater comfort when finning and climbing ladders. It also makes them ideal for occasional shore diving. The Pelagic’s...

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  • Mares Dive Boot Flexa DS

    Mares' Flexa DS Dive Boots are made from durable neoprene with a hard rubber sole to ensure grip. The strong zipper allows easy donning and doffing and prevents water entry. Available in 5mm and 6.5mm. Exclusivly designed drainage grooves on sole (DS...

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  • Mares Dive Boot NG Classic

    The Classic NG boot is made using 5mm thick neoprene, offering the perfect balance between weight, thermal and abrasion protection. Offering a snug and comfortable fit.  Wide toecap Levelled sole 5mm thickness Code: 412619 Colors:...

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  • Typhoon Surfmaster 2

    The Typon is our best selling neoprene boot 6.5mm neoprene combined with a heavy duty vulcanized sole and a new curved zip, Fin block and top reinforcing.

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