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  • Suex Video Camera Support

    Full Camera/Video Housing mounting Kit.Includes :- Universal Support cod. 70228- Swivel Support cod. 70230- Standard Insert cod. 70651- Floats cod. 70543  

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  • Suex XJ VR

    Suex XJ VR

    The Suex XJ VR is the perfect scooter for all divers, it is small and light weight allowing for easy manoeuvring underwater which is great the learning or getting used to using a scooter. This Scooter has a maximum speed of 65 meters a minute with a...

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  • Suex XJ14

    Suex XJ14

    The XJ14 is the perfect for divers who are getting in to the technical world of scooter as it is small and easy to move but has got in increased power and battery life for technical dives   Use Recreational...

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  • Suex XJ37

    Suex XJ37

    The XJ37 is great for the cave/wreck divers that need a good speed to be towed at with a super long runtime for a long distance dive, the XJ37 does all this in one with a top speed of 85 meters a minute and a runtime of 85 minute on full trigger then...

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  • Suex XK

    Suex XK

    The Suex XK is the expedition grade scooter provide a huge runtime with a 100 meter a minute top speed being the perfect tool for long cave dives   Use Tech/Commercial Long Range/Cave  Length= 975mm (inch 38,4) Width= 462mm...

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