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  • Standard SPG

    Halcyon Standard SPG

    Halcyon pressure gauges are as reliable as they are accurate. They start with industrial-strength spring designed for pressures beyond 400BAR, high-quality materials, and a highly visible, luminescent face make this a common favorite among...

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  • Gauge

    Mares XR SPG52 with 56cm Rubber Hose

    Mares XR SPG52 with a 56cm Rubber Hose is your perfect for use on doubles/twinset/singles aswell as being small and robust, they SPG has white back ground and black writing which makes it very clear to read when in low light and low visability SPG...

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  • Suunto SK8 Compass

    Suunto SK8 Compass

    HIGH QUALITY LIQUID-FILLED DIVE COMPASSSK-8, the latest edition of Suunto’s leading dive compass, delivers even better underwater performance with faster stabilization and enhanced readability. Both northern and southern hemisphere models can be...

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