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  • Fog City Anti Fog Lens

    FogCity fog resistant lenses offer a carefree dive with perfect sight.  The adhesive lenses stick inside the mask preventing fog build-up and allowing you a much clearer view throughout your dive. Lenses come in three types; one window, double lens...

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  • Velcro Strap

    Halcyon Velcro Mask Strap

    High quality 6.5mm neoprene with blue plush backing and no-fray Velcro attachement mask strap fits any standard mask attachement, and provides an extra degree of comfort and stability. The high quality vinyl Halcyon logo is welded onto the back of the...

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  • Neoprene Clean Wetsuit Shampoo

    Neoprene Clean wetsuit ShampooStops wetsuits from smelling.Kills bacteria and viruses. 20ml Sachet Simply pour sachet into cold water and leave your wetsuit to soak for 15mins.Rinse and allow to dry.Simple. £1.50 per sachet

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