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XS Scuba

  • Hanger - Accessories

    Hanger - Accessories

    Accessory Hanger Hang em up...mask snorkel fins boots & gloves Drain dry and store in one placeRemovable crossbar to hang mask & snorkelLays flat for travel by removing crossbarTough X-beam designSize: 16.25” x 17.75” x 5.25”...

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  • Hanger - Basic

    Basic Hanger More surface area equals more support and less wear and tear to your wetsuitWider 1.4” support beamsSturdy one-piece constructionTough X-beam designSize: 16.6” x 10.4” x 1.4” (42 x 26.5 x 3.5 cm)Weight: 5 ounces (.15...

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  • Hanger - Drysuit

    Drysuit Hanger Designed for quick drainage and drying Hang your drysuit upside down by the boots Tough X-beam construction Swivel hook Color: Black

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  • XS Scuba 130cm Coiled lanyard

    XS Scuba 130cm Coiled lanyard

    The coil lanyard is reinforced with stainless steel cable. The 132cm/52inch lanyard can be shortened by using the plastic clips. 3 options for clips: Plastic Snap Clip - Split Ring Stainless Steel Snap Clip -Split Ring Stainless Steel Snap Clip -...

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  • Regulator Mouthpieces

    Regulator Mouthpieces

    XS Scuba Two Colour Mouthpiece.  Good looks and good comfort   Two material, liquid silicone injection   Includes traditional mouthpiece tie  FDA approved material   Four color combinations Available...

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