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  • Mares Cruise Backpack Dry

    Mares Cruise Backpack Dry

    For travelling light the Cruise Backpack Dry is perfect at only 1.5kg. A minimalist design yet a bag full of features designed to improve dive travel! Ultra lightweight Vompletely...

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  • Mares Cruise Backpack Pro

    Mares Cruise Backpack Pro

    The Cruise Backpack Pro is more compact and lightweight than its predecessor, and includes an accessory bag with mirror. With a modern design and many advantageous features! Telescoping...

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  • Mares Cruise Dry D55

    Mares Cruise Dry D55

    The D55 is a very spacious waterproof duffel bag, handy for stowing most of your diving gear. It has a dual closing system which is both rollable and adjustable, in order to make the bag entirely...

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  • Mares Cruise Dry MBP15

    Mares Cruise Dry MBP15

    This “all-in-one” bag is ideal for protecting items against water and humidity. Its characteristic “rollable” closing system makes it completely watertight, and a special...

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  • Mares Cruise Pool

    Mares Cruise Pool

    The Cruise Pool is the ideal bag for pool training. It is sturdy and lightweight, can be carried on one shoulder or as a backpack and comes with a separate compartment for personal items...

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  • Mares Cruise System Mares Cruise System

    Mares Cruise System

    The Cruise System is 3 bags in 1, the bag that all divers are looking for! It is a total diving equipment storage solution with easy access, a detachable bag and various handles for easy transport...

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  • Mares Dive Boot NG Classic

    Mares Dive Boot NG Classic

    The Classic NG boot is made using 5mm thick neoprene, offering the perfect balance between weight, thermal and abrasion protection. Offering a snug and comfortable fit.  Wide toecap Levelled...

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  • Mares New Matrix Mares New Matrix

    Mares New Matrix

    Not just a dive computer but the Matrix has full watch functions: wake-up alarm, second time zone, date and choice of analog or digital time display.Full dot matrix display, full tilt digital compass...

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  • Mares Puck Pro + Mares Puck Pro +

    Mares Puck Pro +

    For a Puck Style computer the Mares Puck Style + has a slim design for a perfect fit.Intuitive user interface with one-button simplicity.Logbook capacity 35 hours of dive profile at 5-second sampling...

    £199.00 £149.00
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  • Mares Quad Mares Quad

    Mares Quad

    The Mares Quad has a magnificently clear display with jumbo size information and two customisable fields for ancillary information.With Four buttons it has an intuitive user interface and mirrored...

    £272.00 £255.00
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  • Mares Quad Air

    Mares Quad Air

    The new Mares Quad Air has a magnificently clear display with jumbo size information.Hoseless tank data integration for up to three transmitters and the Three-row layout comprises all relevant...

    £318.00 £310.00
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  • Mares Smart Mares Smart

    Mares Smart

    This great recreational computer is a full featured nitrox dive computer with two gas capability, it has a bottom timer mode with resettable average depth and stopwatch. The Logbook capacity...

    £254.00 £205.00
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