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    Aqualung Stratos Fins -OH Aqualung Stratos Fins -OH

    Aqualung Stratos Fins -OH

    These are ex display fins so we have a limited availability of sizes and colours at this great price. The Stratos ADJ provides a slightly softer kick than the Express ADJ. It is a durable fin that offers much technology at an affordable price making it...

    £60.00 £45.00
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    Mares Avanti Quattro+

    The Avanti Quattro + fin is efficient and responsive, with great thrusting power and an attractive look! Versatile and ideal for all dive conditions. Bungee strap Hi-flex material optimizes blade’s efficiency 4 channels for greater thrusting...

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  • Mares Power Plana

    Mares Power Plana

    The Mares Power Plana is a Fantastic fin for all things finning, Frog Kick, Helicopter turn and back-kick are all possible in this fin down to the most precise movement. Bungee strap Full shape foot pocket Made in natural rubber Negative buoyancy

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  • Black Black

    Mares Wave

      Enjoy pure ease with the Wave. The blade includes a soft rubber insert for ideal Superchannel water flow and rigidity for super propulsion- unmistakably Mares! ABS plus buckles Anatomical foot pocket Tri-material construction Huge...

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  • Mares X-Stream Mares X-Stream

    Mares X-Stream

    X-Stream comfort, X-ceptional efficiency, the X-Stream fin is the result of 60 passionate years developing dive products. High-performance, comfort and lightweight design!   ABS plus buckles and perforated pull tab Riddled foot pocket avoids...

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  • Black Grey

    Mares XR Power Plana

    The Mares XR Power Plana is the perfect technical fin, especially for frog kicking, Made of nearly indestructible natural rubber , the fin is negatively buoyant and comes with the new Spring Strap for added comfort and security. High-quality...

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    Oceanic Viper Fins -OH Oceanic Viper Fins -OH

    Oceanic Viper Fins -OH

    These are ex display items but have not been used in the water. Oceanic Viper Fins - Open Heel Limited Availability of size and colour combinations. Flexible Power Thrust ChannelTM directs water off the tip of the blade for improved...

    £47.99 £35.00
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