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  • DIRZone Cam Band

    DIRZone Cam Band

    Durable buckle, HDPE pad, protecting the bottle from scratching, strap made from non-elongation material. Stitched on a strip of antislip rubber.  Choice of Plastic or Stainless Steel buckle. Price is for a Pair.

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  • Divesoft Cylinder Silencer

    The silencer is intended for discharging air from diving tanks. Anyone who has had to discharge old, leftover breathing mix knows what a problem it is to keep the hiss of the released air to a reasonable level even during relatively slow discharge. The...

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  • Halcyon Active Control Ballast

    Halcyon ACB (Active Control Ballast) integrated weight pockets are an ideal solution for divers seeking releasable weight for their Halcyon BC system.This patented Halcyon design is simple and effective; when complemented by our fixed and removable...

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  • Pocket

    Halcyon Drysuit Pocket

    Halcyon Exploration Drysuit Pocket  Provides 18 cubic inches more storage than the standard bellows pocket, a tough top zipper, bungee loops in both the outer and inner compartments. The Exploration Bellows Pocket is an example how Halcyon...

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  • Gators

    Halcyon Gators

    Halcyon gaiters (commonly known as 'gator wraps') provide dry suit divers with extra comfort, increased safety, and reduced drag by limiting airflow to the feetwhile eliminating excess material around the leg. A popular and safer alternative to...

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  • Halcyon MC Storage Pack

    The special MC Storage Pak mounts between the diver's back and the Halcyon backplate, attached to the backplate on all sides and is used to store lift bags and SMBs. The special "MC Storage Pak" mounts between the diver's back and the backplate, attached...

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  • Halcyon Special Edition Wet Notes

     Even the most casual diver will appreciate the advantages of the Halcyon diver’s notebook. This high quality design provides easy access to pencils, notes, tables, and accessories. Ballistic nylon cover with replaceable underwater paper...

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  • Halcyon Stage Rigging

    Stage Rigging Kit for 7L, 40cf or 80cf cylinder The Halcyon stage rigging kit includes premium stainless steel attachment hardware to provide ample security and maneuverability at exactly the right points, while avoiding ill-conceived metal-to-metal...

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  • Halcyon Streamline Balanced P-Valve

    Halcyon Streamline Balanced P-Valve

    Whether you are interested in a short, comfortable dive or face long decompression obligations, the The Halcyon Balanced Streamline P-valve can provide a new level of diving comfort. Sleek design eliminates bulky connections. Valves chosen to provide...

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  • Halcyon Suit Inflation Strap

    Halcyon Suit Inflation Strap

    Mounting straps for 6cf and 14cf drysuit inflation bottle. Octogrip Super Cam buckle system securely holds the 14cf bottle to your single or double tank rig by attaching to a tank. Smaller 6cf bottle mounting straps allows divers to secure a smaller...

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