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  • Halcyon Eclipse

    Halcyon Eclipse

    A full Halcyon Eclipse Wing System includes a Halcyon Eclipse wing, backplate complete with standard single loop harness, MC Storage Pack for backplate and a single tank adapter to mount everything securely to a single cylinder. Totally clutter-free...

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  • Halcyon Eclipse Wing

    The Halcyon Eclipse Wing is a low profile, exploration-grade wing that leaves all other single tank designs in its shadow. A choice of lift capacities helps to maximize comfort and streamlining while accounting for various buoyancy requirements that...

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  • Halcyon Evolve

    Halcyon Evolve

    Halcyon Evolve full system which consists of wing, backplate, harness and all the hardware you need. The Evolve's full-circular design allows for precise control of in-water buoyancy and trim while essential horizontal trim is easily accomplished through...

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  • Halcyon Evolve Wing

    Halcyon Evolve wing's circular design promotes better trim. Designed for advanced diver. Improved hydrodynamic profile. Greatly reduces gas trapping in wing. More efficient venting from rear OPV. Capacities available in 40 lbs and 60 lbs lift. Halcyon...

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  • Halcyon Explorer Wing

    Explorer wings have been slightly modified over the years for even greater streamlining and efficiency. The Explorer wing is slightly narrower and longer, with a reduced buoyancy tube behind the neck to minimize heads-up trim. In addition, the inflator...

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  • Halcyon Infinity

    Halcyon Infinity

    Halcyon Infinity Wing System includes a Halcyon Eclipse, quick-adjust Cinch harness and backplate all put together, single tank adapter, soft shoulder and backplate pads and intergrated weight system. The Halcyon Infinity is not your typical buoyancy...

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  • Halcyon Traveler BC

    Halcyon Traveler BC

    The new Halcyon Traveler™ merges the simplicity and lightweight appeal of small jacket systems with the performance of back-mounted BC systems. The Traveler’s unique PA6 Nylon backplate has an integrated single-tank carrier and Cinch...

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  • Halcyon Traveler Pro BC

    The Halcyon Traveler Pro Wing System builds upon the popularity of our dedicated single-tank Traveler system by adding the classic ruggedness of the popular Eclipse wings. Available in 40lbs or 30lbs lift capacity. Halcyon Traveler Pro BC System The...

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  • Mares XR Blue Battle Single Tank Set

    Mares XR Blue Battle Single Tank Set

    A complete tec/rec diving set including everything you need to enter the world of XR. Now in a limited edition 'Blue Battle' camouflage design!   A complete limited edition set including: 16 Litres Blue Battle Single Tank Donut Wing 3mm Ali...

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  • XR Donut Bladder Single Tank

    Mares XR Donut Bladder Single Tank

    The Mares XR Donut Bladder Single tank is a fantastic for the use of recreational and entry level technical divers and is great for optimizing good trim with it all being back inflation and is very small/compact making it very streamlined. Drains: 6...

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  • Mares XR Donut Bladder Twin Tank

    Mares XR Donut Bladder Twin Tank

    The Mares XR Donut Bladder Twin Tank has been designed to cover all bases of a technical divers needs, you are able to change the side of which you require the dump valve to be on, also the inflation of the wing is only in the section of the wing that...

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  • Mares XR Silver Knight Single Tank Set

    Mares XR Silver Knight Single Tank Set

    The complete mounted tec/rec diving set is also available in this simple silver design - everything you need for your XR single backmount set-up. A Complete Mounted Set Including: 16 Liters Standard Single Tank Donut 3MM Ali Silver Knight...

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